My name is Eileen Van Den Berg, Owner/Founder of Dragon Wolf Designs.

Throughout my life, I have had numerous jobs, not one job, was the same. I started out as a Telesales consultant, to retail, from retail to Administrator/Receptionist. Throughout all those years, I’ve never really felt like any of the jobs I had was my calling/destiny. I never woke up, excited to start my work day, for me it was just a job to pay the bills.

What made things tough for me is the fact that I didn’t really have an education, I was removed from school because my family could not afford the school fees anymore as they both lost their jobs and we lost everything we owned. We ended up living in caravans since I was 10, till I moved out at 17. During that time, I have been very interested in art, Drawing, Painting, Writing, etc.

Because, of my past, I don’t have matric, I do not have any qualifications whatsoever, but, I devoted my life to be/do better!

I still want to study when finances allow it – I’m a woman with BIG dreams!

In 2017, I was employed at a company as a Junior Graphic designer – Not knowing anything about Graphic designing, (But I had knowledge about how CorelDraw works as that’s a software I’ve used a few times & my passion of artwork, made a big difference)

I worked for this company for about 10 months, in that time, I felt what it was like, waking up excited for the day ahead. Every Day, was a new challenge for me, but I enjoyed those challenges as it completed me as a person. I finally found my career after years of searching! I was HAPPY! To expand my knowledge a bit more, my bosses sent me on a Beginners CorelDraw course, which helped me immensely!

I will forever be grateful to them for giving me the chance they did! If it wasn’t for them, I would not be here!

I have always wanted to start my own company, but never had the means nor the funds to do so… Until 2018. I realised, I didn’t need funds or an office. All I needed was my skills, my people skills as well as a laptop and internet! I decided to take on a new venture of my life and see where things go.

I am not a big risk taker so this was nerve wrecking for me but I had to try something. So, end August 2019, I decided to start freelancing for myself.

I’ve had quite a number of clients as well as companies that has hired my services since then. I truly enjoy what I do, regardless of where I come from or how I got there.

I strive at providing high quality designs at reasonable prices that everyone can afford! I try and cater for everyone out there, as I know how expensive designs are in general, and I still remember where I came from and remember how tough life was. My prices are always negotiable.

My aim is to pay it forward the way it was done for me. As my company grows, I’d like to employ people that has the skills and drive I had, whether they have an education or not. I believe everyone deserves a chance in life, no matter where they came from. This is all I ever wanted when I was younger, just a company or an employer to believe in me enough to prove it to them. So, I hope I can do the same for the future.